Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Tampa, FL

Tampa is a great city to visit, and a wonderful home to many. Maybe you are headed in to town to have a nice vacation, or maybe you are new to town and need a friend with some recommendations. Whatever the reason for your time in Tampa, you definitely need to know where to eat. Fortunately, since we regularly preform restaurant kitchen cleanings, we have had the chance to visit many of these great locations and we know the best of the best dining locations! When you are looking for the top fine dining spots, it is important that you get a nice variety to choose from without sacrificing on the quality of the food and the experience. So here are the top 5 fine dining restaurants you need to check out in Tampa:


Bern’s Steak House
There is nothing quite like a true gourmet steak house. When you are in the mood for a delicious steak dinner, you need to go somewhere that has the atmosphere, the right wines, and of course, the perfect steak. Bern’s Steak House is in Tampa’s SoHo neighborhood and provides legendary dry-aged steaks, an unbelievable wine list, and an amazing dessert room that is sure to impress. Running since 1956, this is the perfect place for anything from a date to a business meeting. You can find out more about them at


What could be cooler than combining a fine dining experience with a multicultural experience? Nothing, that’s what! It just so happens that Ulele provides the combination of these two things in their restaurant in Tampa on the Riverwalk. Using barbacoa grilling techniques and a menu inspired by indigenous Americans, you can get a delicious taste of native seafood and grab a house-brewed beer in the process! What more could you want for your night out? Well the Riverwalk view is good icing on the cake. Learn more about their menu at

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Ocean Prime
So, we have talked steak. We have talked seafood. However, no place this close to the water can go without combining the two into a great 5-star surf n’ turf restaurant. That is exactly what you get with Ocean Prime. This is an upscale, fine dining restaurant that is a perfect place to take your valentine. Amazing steaks, incredible seafood dishes that are fresh from the most recent catches, and a wine list that is an abundance of riches. Make sure that you never forget the time you spent in Tampa and learn more about them at


Roy’s Restaurant
Roy Yamaguchi is a world class chef with a Hawaiian fusion style that has everyone’s taste buds ready for more. This is a part of his national chain, but don’t worry, nothing about your experience will feel like a chain restaurant. All you need to do is prepare yourself for the most interesting take on seafood imaginable. I mean if you need a recommendation, the misoyaki butterfish will absolutely blow your mind. You can even get a chocolate soufflé for dessert and truly reach nirvana. Scope out what you might like at


Alright, let’s try to give you one more recommendation without getting stuck in a rut. The Mediterranean meals at Haven are absolutely to die for and there is nothing else to say. Except to say that the dining room is incredibly stylish and gives a great welcoming vibe. Oh, and there is an attached wine shop for you to pick out the perfect bottle to take home. If you are interested in a great place to grab a drink and incredible Mediterranean dishes, then check this place out when you are in Tampa. It is located over on Morrison Ave, and you can find out more about them at

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