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Restaurants can produce a LOT of grease. The amount varies from restaurant to restaurant and can depend on cooking volume and the amount of fried food served, among other factors. When cooking, high heat and flames can ignite grease that is built up on kitchen equipment or blocking exhaust systems. Grease fires, which are highly dangerous and can spread quickly, are easily prevented by scheduling regular cleanings for your restaurant. This is one reason why local fire marshals must verify restaurants are compliant with the state’s fire and safety codes.

What is A Rooftop Grease Containment System?

Rooftop grease containment systems are designed to trap grease that is carried up from the exhaust fan system from the commercial kitchen range, oven, or fryer. Without a containment system in place, grease would simply be deposited right on top of the roof. This causes a huge problem for the structure of the roof, since oil, fat, and grease breaks down roofing material quickly. A new roof can cost thousands of dollars. Roof damage can be easily prevented by installing grease containment systems.

The Benefits of a Rooftop Containment System:

Prevents Roof Damage

Rooftops that are made from asphalt can be easily broken down when grease, oil, and fat residue is not properly contained and end up making contact with roof material. This can lead to cracks and deterioration of the roof along joints and seals. Leaks can occur once the sensitive areas of the roof are broken down. Even small leaks can introduce moisture underneath the roof, which can encourage mildew and mold to grow. This type of growth will break down the building material beneath and will eventually damage the structural integrity of the building. Pests, mildew, and moisture will continue to infiltrate the roof if these issues are left unchecked. Overtime, roofs can collapse, and cause major damage to restaurant interiors!

Prevents Fire

When grease is not contained, it becomes a major fire hazard. Grease is highly flammable and spreads quickly. It is also not easy to extinguish. Having a grease containment system in place is critical to the safety of your establishment.

Better for the Environment

If grease from your restaurant ends up clogging nearby drains, polluting water sources, or creating a pest problem, the EPA won’t be very happy! They can issue fines and violations to restaurants that have not taken the proper steps to contain and manage their grease.

Safer Work Space

Having a grease containment system will prevent slips and falls that may occur when a worker must do maintenance on your roof. Workers may need to access your roof on a regular basis for many reasons including roof repairs and maintenance, a/c repairs and maintenance, as well as inspectors, engineers, and construction workers.

Code Compliance

Having a grease containment system in place is essential when you are looking to be compliant with fire codes, state health and safety laws, as well as EPA regulations. When running a restaurant, being compliant with required codes is non-negotiable.

To ensure your restaurant is managing its grease, contact us for questions or to schedule an inspection or installation of your grease containment system today!

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