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The hoods of a kitchen’s ranges need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper maintenance, adhere to local codes, pass inspections, and prevent dangerous grease build up. The methods we use at D&V Pro Restaurant Hood Cleaning to clean your exhaust hoods includes a step by step process that ensures your kitchen equipment is protected during the deep cleaning process. We begin by evaluating how much grease and grime have built up on the exhaust hoods. We then formulate a comprehensive plan using the appropriate levels of cleaning solutions and equipment to begin removing the grease build up, layer by layer.

If the build-up of grease deposits is very thick, we may implement specialized kitchen cleaning equipment that is strong enough to remove the build-up effectively. Once we go over the hoods initially, we will evaluate how much grease is left in order to remove the rest as quickly as possible. We know that your time is valuable and when a kitchen is being cleaned, it is so important that it is done in a timely manner so that you can get back to serving your customers.

When hoods are not cleaned regularly, grease buildup can lead to kitchen equipment damage, grease fires, and code violations. Our experienced team is highly knowledgeable and efficient at what they do. We will have your kitchen hoods cleaned and sparkling like new in no time!

There are some big warning signs you should pay close attention to when it comes to the functionality of your restaurant kitchen exhaust hoods. If you ever notice the following signs, it is vital that you schedule an inspection and/or a cleaning to prevent damage to your kitchen and cooking equipment.

  • Your range hood is unable to clear smoke out from the kitchen.
  • The motor is unusually loud or making odd buzzing noises.
  • The light bulbs don’t last long and short out quickly.
  • Buttons are getting stuck or malfunctioning.
  • The fan seems to be sluggish or won’t turn on at all.

All of the above signs are clear indications that there may be a high level of grease build up within your restaurant exhaust hood system. The best way to diagnose this issue is to have an inspection scheduled with an experienced exhaust hood cleaning company. The technicians will safely open and evaluate the inside of the hood to see how much grease is built up in the system. Then, the best way to resolve the issue is to have a professional cleaning scheduled.

Prevention is key. By scheduling regular cleanings on a frequency that is appropriate for your kitchen’s level of cooking, you can remove grease build up reliably before it gets to the point where it is affecting the performance of your kitchen equipment. Without ongoing maintenance, you may face expensive repairs to exhaust fans, ducts, kitchen equipment, roofs, and even fire damage.

The more often that your hoods are cleaned, the less time each cleaning will take. If you schedule cleanings too far apart and let the grease build up too much, each cleaning will take longer and your kitchen will be unable to service its customers for an even longer amount of time. It is true that we always work with your schedule when it comes time to schedule a cleaning, and usually, restaurant owners know the best times to have cleaning maintenance done. However, if regular restaurant hood cleanings are not scheduled, it can lead to more build up and more downtime when parts break from grease overload, and when cleanings go on longer than otherwise necessary.

Call today and we can schedule a free inspection and give you a quote for your next restaurant hood cleaning. We serve all of Florida from the Pan Handle to the Florida Keys. We have crews located in Jacksonville, Gainsville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

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