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In a restaurant, things tend to get messy quickly. If you are a restaurant owner, you know that your customers, staff, and business all depend on a clean and functional restaurant and kitchen. Exhaust fan filters must be cleaned and replaced as needed, grease must be routinely removed from equipment, and dirt and debris must be washed away to maintain high-quality sanitation levels. When you already have countless responsibilities, hiring a professional company to take care of these necessities can help alleviate stress and give you more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

Food, dust, dirt and debris can build up very quickly in any restaurant, especially in those that maintain a high volume of cooking. Without regular deep cleanings, rust, corrosion, and grease can become very difficult to remove. If kitchen equipment is not properly maintained and cleaned, it can get bogged down with repetitive use and become inefficient, broken, or even hazardous.

Here are some signs that your commercial kitchen may be due for a cleaning:

  1. Grease residue is visible on kitchen equipment or the surrounding workspace
  2. Equipment is making abnormal noises like rattling or buzzing
  3. Floors are sticky and slippery or have a visible build up of food particles and debris
  4. There is a foul or smoky odor in the kitchen that cannot be cleared with an exhaust fan
  5. You notice signs of pests such as rodents or bugs
  6. Corrosion or rust is visible on equipment
  7. Kitchen equipment looks dull
  8. Kitchen equipment is not functioning at peak levels
  9. You or members of the staff are hesitant to let guests see the kitchen
  10. You have received a health code violation

When a commercial kitchen is not cleaned regularly, grease and grime can build up and create a serious hazard. Grease fires are not only extremely dangerous but can be very damaging and costly as well. These types of fires can spread very quickly and entire kitchens can become engulfed in flames within seconds. This is why fire and code regulations require specific maintenance to be done.

It is a wise decision to hire a professional restaurant cleaning company to ensure cleanings are done the right way and on a regular schedule! keeping things clean and in compliance with local regulations. When there is one less thing for you to worry about, you are able to spend your time more efficiently, and so is your staff. Our experienced restaurant cleaning team will complete the cleaning process in a highly professional and timely manner. We handle the entire process from A-Z so that you can remain worry-free and relax knowing things will be done right the first time.

We use the highest quality commercial cleaning solutions and professional kitchen cleaning equipment to remove grease, dirt, rust, corrosion, stains, and more from your restaurant kitchen. We also inspect the entire area for signs of pests, leakage, grease build-up and more, and we inform you of any issues so that you can make the best decisions for your restaurant business.

All in all, you are in the best hands with D&V Pro Cleaners. Once we visit your location for a cleaning, your restaurant will sparkle like it has never sparkled before!

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