The 7 Most Delectable Desserts in Orlando Restaurants

A Guide For “Sweetaholics”

If you have a sweet tooth, like many of us, it is always wise to know where the best desserts are to be found ahead of time. This way, when that hankering for sweets hits us, we know right where to go. Though Orlando, Florida is arguably most well known for its theme parks, another great feature of the city is its wide variety of quality dessert dishes.


Restaurant Hood Cleaners Blog Pecan Pie in Orlando#1 At P is for Pie, we found two dishes that are at the top of our list of the 7 most delectable desserts you can find in Orlando, Florida. The pecan pie can only be described as indescribable. If you are a fan of this type of dessert, you absolutely must give it a try. Moist and crunchy at the same time, with a rich yet well balanced flavor, this tops our list for a reason!






Berry Pie in Orlando Kitchen Hood Cleaning Blog#2 Next on our list is the Blueberry Pop pie, from P is for Pie. Though it is a small and simple dish, it is the perfect amount to satisfy any sugar craving when you are on the go. This sweet and tart dish topped with fresh berries is a perfect balance of texture and flavor.






sister honeys coconut cake orlando florida hood cleaning company#3 Sister Honey’s coconut cake is baked to perfection. You won’t find fresher coconut ingredients in all of Florida. If you enjoy coconut, and you want an unforgettable experience for your taste buds, stop by and order this amazing cake!







chocolate chip cookies made by sugar buzz in orlando fl exhaust fan cleaning blog#4 If you love the traditional chocolate chip cookie, look no further than Sugarbuzz. Each creation comes from a home made recipe that would make any cookie enthusiast proud.





Chocolate dessert bites sugar buzz orlando fl commercial kitchen cleaning blog #5 Sometimes all you need is a bite to satisfy those sugar cravings. Another great sweet treat made by Sugarbuzz, are these chocolate dessert bites. They are the perfect balance of chocolate and cream with a dash of nutmeg and topped with crunchy almonds. Truly the perfect combo for anyone looking for a quick sugar fix without over-indulging!





Kelly's home made icecream banana split orlando florida desserts hood cleaning service blog#6 If you love desserts of all kinds, then you can’t NOT love a banana split! At Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream, you will find this perfectly executed traditional dessert, which offers just the right balance of sweetness and nostalgia.





orlando hood cleaning service blog kellys homemade ice cream#7 We simply cannot complete this list without also including the Ice Cream from Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. There were so many flavors to choose from, so it was impossible to narrow it down to only one winner! So, last on our list are two flavors that ended up being the solid favorites from all of our critics, and they were Coffee and Smores!




As you can see, we’ve really done our research here. In fact, we worked extra hard tasting all of these delectable dishes for you. We really have a tough job, being food critics and trying endless sweets and desserts all day. (We’re obviously kidding since our day jobs are actually cleaning hoods in Orlando Florida! But yes, we do like to try and review the local dessert dishes around town as well.) So, the next time you are in the Orlando FL area, take advantage of this list that we so tirelessly put together for you, and be sure to check out these amazing sugary dishes.

You’re welcome! 😉