5 Fun Restaurants in Miami Beach

As spring break approaches, Miami Beach is set to be a hot destination for many. There is always an abundance to do in town from the beach to the bars. Everyone is excited to have a good time, and you want each and every experience to be fun.

That is why we wanted to focus on letting you know about some of the most fun restaurants you can visit during your Miami Beach stay. Since we do service several restaurants in the area, this is something we know a lot about! These great dining spots are just a few minutes away from Miami Beach. With this eclectic set of choices, there is sure to be a fun experience for anyone you’re with. Never missing a beat during your vacation.

  • Prohibition Restaurant and Speakeasy
    In the hip Midtown area you can find the Prohibition Restaurant and speakeasy over on N. Miami Avenue. This fun little joint has a great environment that combines leather chairs and red banquettes to really give that old speakeasy vibe. Combine that with the wonderful 1920s inspired works of art, and you can’t believe what year it is anymore. The great environment is only setting the table for the incredible cocktail choices. Not to mention how incredible the array of food from truffle pasta to lobster can be. This is the perfect late-night dinner spot for you and your hip friends.
    Check them out at www.prohibitionmiami.com


  • Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink
    This great eatery in the Design District is perfect for exploring delicious modern American dishes that are made with farm-fresh ingredients. Be sure to enjoy something decadent when you are there, because on vacation there is no time to cheat yourself. Check out the slow-roasted pork shoulder or the Duck Confit for a delicious entrée. Then be sure to treat yourself with a milk chocolate peanut butter candy bar sundae.
    Find out more about them at www.michaelsgenuine.com

  • Eating House Miami
    No spring break is ever complete without a late brunch to recover from the previous night’s shenanigans. This is when you need to check out Eating House Miami for one of the best brunch menus in town. There is seriously no way to go wrong, and there are so many choices! Definitely be sure to check out the Cuban bread French toast with guava, because it is an amazing take on Miami food. The staff is always friendly and provides amazing service. With such a great menu, it is nice to be taken care of at the same time. See them at www.eatinghousemiami.com


  • Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
    Looking for a little bit of dinner and nightlife? That is the night you should hit up Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. They have amazing service and an incredible indoor and outdoor seating set up. Located in the Arts District, this awesome restaurant and bar is ideal for the night out because everyone can grab a bite to eat, some drinks, and be entertained. Showing off amazing art from top artists in the country makes the atmosphere great. The live music ensures that everyone has a great time.
    Find out more about them over at www.wynwoodkitchenandbar.com


  • Mandolin Aegean Bistro
    Always good to have options that mix it up for your trip. That is why you should know about Mandolin Aegean Bistro, which you can find over in Miami’s design district. This restaurant is located in a beautiful house built in the 1930s that is going to take your breath away. Then you get to dive into a menu of spectacular traditional Greek and Turkish cuisine that is to die for. There is a dish for any vegetarian or carnivore here and the Turkish bread loaves will blow your mind. Enjoy some Sangria on the patio while you soak in a wonderful Miami night. Learn more at www.mandolinmiami.com
  • KUSH
    Welcome to the perfect combo of a classic American restaurant and bar and hipster heaven. Located over on N. Miami Avenue, you should hit up KUSH when you are looking to feel super cool and enjoy the best beer, wine and burgers in the world. That is absolutely right, get the perfect burger, pair it with the craft beer of your choice, and let it take you to Nirvana. You can also be sure to enjoy the eco-friendly nature of the restaurant, and the best wine list you can imagine.
    They have more information on their website www.kushwynwood.com

There you have it. Plenty of different choices to make sure a week in Miami Beach goes perfectly from start to finish. Everyone needs advice when they are hitting up a new town on vacation. Now it is just like you have a friend in town to tell you where all the best spots are for any occasion during your trip. Never a dull moment, Miami is a happening place, and we hope this helps you to not feel overwhelmed when you visit. From brunch to happy hour to late night fun, there is something for every part of your day in Miami.