Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning


Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

The kitchen is truly the heart of every restaurant. Without it, your business simply couldn’t exist. Take care of your restaurant by making sure it’s heart is taken care of too. At Crossfire Pro Cleaning services we specialize in the cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system and ensure that the buildup of grease and grime is eliminated. Cooking day in and day out really takes a toll on kitchen equipment, and exhaust fan systems. In addition, every restaurant is responsible for staying compliant with local health regulations. Having a regularly scheduled hood system cleaning with a reliable hood cleaning company is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to properly maintaining your commercial restaurant.

Our highly experienced, professional, and well-trained staff in Orlando FL will give you their very best from the moment they set foot in the door. Our special cleaning processes are tried and true. We know just the formula for removing the toughest stains, and getting rid of the most stubborn grease. Our regular clients love the fact that every time we finish our cleanings services, their kitchens often look and feel like new again.

Why are regular kitchen exhaust system cleaning so important? When a stove is heated for cooking, there is usually some amount of grease involved, especially if you are frying food. The grease is lifted into the exhaust fan which eventually coats the entire exhaust duct system. If not removed with a cleaning, this can continue to build up. This can be a huge problem for the kitchen, as fumes and smoke will fill the air and have no way to escape. It can even lead to dangerous grease fires which spread very quickly and heat up very fast! In addition to these issues, the system can become clogged, and lead to grease deposits on top of the roof of the establishment. If unchecked, the grease on the roof can break down the material that protects the roof from the sun, wind, and rain. A roof can collapse when grease has worn away at its protective layers or built up heavy deposits.

The potential expenses a business may incur from failing to maintain its hood exhaust systems far outweigh the costs associated with hood cleaning maintenance. By hiring a company to come out regularly, you avoid adding to the long list of things to remember to do as a restaurant owner. Just set the dates ahead of time with us, and forget about it. We recommend regular cleanings that will be most effective for your specific type of kitchen equipment.

How often do I need kitchen exhaust system cleaning?

  • If your commercial kitchen has a wood burning stove you will want to have the hood systems cleaned out as often as two weeks or every month.
  • Cleanings every 3 months are recommended for establishments that have a high volume of cooking and use charbroilers, or woks.
  • Cleanings for moderate volume kitchens can be scheduled every 6 months.
  • For seasonal businesses, or businesses that have only low cooking volume, a once yearly cleaning job will do the trick.

We do our kitchen exhaust system cleaning for clients in Gainsville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miami, and the Florida Keys.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance. You’ll be so glad you did.

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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning
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