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Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation

NFPA fire codes require that rooftop ventilators have a fan hinge kit installed. Which hinge kit you need depends on the type of roof ventilation equipment your restaurant roof uses. There are many different types of fan hinge kits but these are the most common brands:

  • Driploc Hinge Kit
  • L-Bar Hinge Kit
  • Omni Super Hinge

The reason that it is a good idea to have a hinge kit is that it allows the fan system to swing away from the ducts. This means maintenance workers will be much safer and equipment is protected since ventilators cannot be dropped or fall from the roof. This also provides an easier way to clean the exhaust system. Ventilators are often heavy and if placed on the roof improperly there is a risk they can roll off and become dented, or cause roof damage. This is one reason why hinge kits are a requirement for many ventilator fans.

If you do not have a hinge kit installed on your exhaust fan, give us a call. We can provide answers to your questions, and schedule a time to perform an inspection of your entire exhaust fan system.

Benefits of having a hinge kit installed on your rooftop ventilator:

  • Ventilator fan remains intact and protected
  • Safer for workers performing maintenance and cleaning
  • Easier and quicker access to exhaust system
  • Protects rooftop from damage caused by a falling ventilator fan
  • Safer for guests since parts are secured to the roof and unable to fall down
  • Extra support is provided to the fan base, reducing vibrations
  • Electrical system is more stable and less likely to become exposed overtime
  • Avoid fine and violations

Some important maintenance checkpoints for commercial kitchen exhaust fans:

  • Keep the motor lubricated.
  • Inspect and replace fan belts on a regular basis.
  • Clean and remove dirt, grease, and debris.
  • Inspect electrical system and replace wiring as needed.
  • Listen for abnormal noises such as clanging or buzzing.
  • Inspect seals to prevent grease from entering the motor.
  • Balance the fan blades.

When in need of preventative maintenance, and regular cleanings, it’s best to leave it to the pros! Call Crossfire Pro Cleaning Services and we will be sure to inspect your exhaust system from A-Z.

When we visit your establishment we not only get the job done right, but we do it quickly so that any interference with customers and staff is reduced as much as possible. We will point out our findings to you and bring anything out of the ordinary to your attention. In the restaurant industry, it counts to have a caring and detail oriented cleaning company on your side.

We love nothing more than assisting our clients with cleaning, upkeep services, and inspections to fill your exhaust fan and commercial kitchen cleaning and preventive maintenance needs. From installing exhaust fan hinges to pressure washing your commercial kitchen, we can handle it all. We take pride in being the most professional and reliable commercial kitchen cleaning company in the industry. Call us today to schedule a visit!

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